Need recommendation for hybrid strings


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Hi I play with a Graphene Touch Speed Pro
18x20 String Pattern
Currently play with volkl cyclone
I'm looking for a durable hybrid that has a shaped poly in the mains because I want spin friendly strings or includes the volkl cyclone in the hybrid and want a soft durable string in the crosses.
Playstyle: Spin friendly
Feel prefered: Muted like the cyclone.
Price: $15-20


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I would look at Volkl V-Star, Solinco Tour Bite or Tour Bite Soft, and IsoSpeed Cream. Thinner gauges of V-Star and Tour Bite are softer but slightly less durable.


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i use signum pro poly plasma 18g as my go to cross string...yonex poly tour pro also works well, both have that low powered muted feel that i covet in a cross string, i have reels of both, PM me if interested in trade/deal

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Tier One Firewire Boost hybrid or whatever its called.

Its a combination of their Shaped spin string (Fire Wire) and their comfortable smooth cross string (Ghost wire).

I've used the Ghostwire as a cross with gut and it's an excellent string.