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    I've just started tennis a few months ago but along with the support of my parents I plan to play it for my entire life (Or atleast teenage years). I'm currently searching for a new racket to replace my old hand-me down racquet. Looking on a few websites and trying best to rate my own playing style i've narrowed it down to the "Head Liquidmetal Radical OS" and a few other racquets; however, since I am fairly new I would rather not try to spend all of my money before taking some directive advice. Anyway...

    My current racquet: Head Graphite Fusion XL
    Head Size: Unknown... don't know how to measure
    Length: 28 in.
    Grip size: 4 3/8 with a overgrip, quite comfortable.

    Unfortunately that's about all I know, i've tried googling it and found a exact match of my racket on **** but it provides little information.

    My Playstyle: I try to determine my own rating using NTRP and i'm guessing around 2.0 - 3.0. I'm fairly consistant on court coverage and prefer to play at the baseline. I don't try to place too much spin on my hits and prefer to play more conservatively and not trying to slam it on the opposite due to fear from lack of precision. I can return most balls both BH and FH but am not too adjusted on playing more aggressive opponents that place topspin. I play about 6 hours a week currently but plan to change it to a steady pace of ~4 hours pretty soon. I am concerned about arm safety since I plan on tennis as a lifetime sport.

    My current thoughts: I don't want to change my entire Racquet type but due to lack of racquet specifications I can hardly say what my racquet type is. I'm mainly thinking of a OS racquet that weights atleast 10.5 oz. strung with a head size of 105 - 120 in. The distance between my ring finger to the 2nd line down my right hand is 4 1/2 in.

    Hopefully I can receive some advice on a racquet that will fit me. Thanks in advance to all those reading and if you need any information then please do ask.

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