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    Jan 10, 2011
    Good morning from Portugal!

    Decided to ask help on this forum because, unfortunately, in Portugal, our forums are poorly attended.

    So I played tennis for many years, I stopped and came back now and play regularly around 1 year (my lvl now its about 3,0/3,5).

    I am 37 years old, 1.78m and 80 kg. I bought a AeroPro Drive, i use strings Head Synthetic Gut String (main) and Sonic Pro (cross) with 25kgs and sincerely after 8 months playing I still not got used to the racket and decided to ask help of all the "experts" who go there

    My game is in the back of court, rarelly going to the net, physically I'm no Nadal and to compensate for the lack of power i use hard spin on my shots, my swing is long. My partners weekend comment that my shots are very spinned and heavy. Besides, I still have great difficulty in getting a good service, I rarely get the ideal combination of strength / placement (and train a lot!).

    I'm considering switching racket and wanted to take advice from more experienced staff and knowledgeable in these matters .. i do not base my game on the force, but in placing the ball and spin, so what is the best racquet/string that's there for this style of play?

    Thank you in advance for help and a good 2011 for everyone!


    I forgot to mention that I never had injuries, but my wrist and elbow are already showing signs ...

    (Sorry about my english..)
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    Nov 19, 2010
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    hmm...ur tension seems to be appropriate...if anything you might be looking for something lighter than your current racquet...I cant help you with that > unless your local shop can let you demo for strings you might wanna use thinner strings for added bite = more spin potential

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