Need some comment on Babolat Aero storm tour GT


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I’m mainly using Head prestige mid racquet 93 ( youtek,microge,flexpoint ) in my game, and sometime switch to Head midplus 98 ( speed pro, prestige pro) at the end of the game when I was getting tired.
A year ago, I bought Babolat Roddick pure drive (100 head size) racquet, but just didnt like the feel of the hit, it seems was holding a spring to hit the ball and lost the kind of solid feel that mid racquet can give me.
But, recently found that the specification of babolat aero storm tour GT just real close to those Head midplus racquet ( 98 head size, with a thinner beam width 21.5mm ) and I'm really love the paint job too.

So, does anyone can give me some comment of this stick ?

Many thanks in advance.


I just demoed both of the Aero Storms GT's (tour and non-tour). I liked them both. For me, I liked the weight of the regular GT, but the stability of the tour was nice. I actually ended up purchasing the 2008 model (non tour) and I love that one even more. I'm in the process of putting lead on it right now to make it a little more stable, but the there's something better about the old model as far as the feel is concerned.

If you're currently using the prestige 93, then I would say you'd probably like the way the tour feels. I just know for me, I was looking to get something just a little lighter which is why I opted for the 08 model.

Good luck with the demo, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how it hits.



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i have hit with both the storm tour and the prestige mid. i like the tour more. to me it has a lot more power but it may not be as good on volleys as the mid.