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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Posture Guy, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Hi guys, I'm coming back to the game after an 8 year absence. Was last playing at the age of 42, was a solid 4.5 in SoCal, playing/drilling 3x/week. Life happened and I didn't play for 8 years and now I'm back playing.

    the racquet I was last playing with was a Yonex MP-3i. I also had a Yonex RD TI-50 and a Yonex MP-Tour 1. At this point have only restrung the MP-3i, but the TI-50 is at the shop now getting restrung. One problem, when I was last playing I customized the racquets to put some lead tape on the heads to change balance and make them a bit more stable. Worked great then, they feel pretty heavy now. I'm sure as I play more and get back into tennis shape that will change, but right now the racquet feels heavy to me.

    I'd like to demo some of the newer racquets out there and would love some suggestions. I have an all court game. Will occasionally serve and volley if my serve is popping and my opponent doesn't have a strong return. I like to get to the net as often as possible to end points quickly. I figure the more shots I hit, the more chances I have to hit an unforced error. I enjoy volleying and feel comfortable at the net. I'm a good doubles player but prefer singles.

    I was kind of bopping around and it looks like the Wilson BLX Pro Open might be a nice demo choice. I like the specs and the feedback is very positive. As you can tell from my prior choices, I liked that old Yonex feel. Best word I could use to describe it was 'smooth'. Back then, I demoed a bunch of stuff. Almost went with some Volkl sticks, can't remember which. Tried the Babolat Pure Control and that was a hoot. I remember my first groundstroke with it, I slammed it straight into the back fence on the fly. I could not control that racquet.

    I'm not a power player and don't hit with a ton of spin. As I get back into the game I want to strengthen my grips to try to generate a bit more topspin, but in general I drive the ball, look for short ball opportunities to attack, and then move up. Would like the racquet to generate some power, but control, feel and precision are important for me.

    I appreciate any recommendations, thanks!

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