Need tip'n'tricks for 7yo backhand basics


I'm looking for tips and drills to get my fun student 7 yo (play 1.5 times/ week for 4 months).
His backhand now always goes to the right, I can't use my common language, as I see some lingo and cultural barriers, they fresh in US from Asia, so I'm looking to find some tips which can look like play to make him hit ball straight. Other then that, his form, swing, fluidity is OK. Trying to exercise all my patient and make things work. This is the hardest case I had, but I take it as a challenge. Some of your know what I'm talking about.))

* I know all basic about technique/spot/legs, played comp 20 years, just looking some tips which are good for kids. Don't htink this a good time for any videos yet.

Appreciate your link, hints,


Talk Tennis Guru
I'm assuming he's a righty. So if his BH is always pulling to the right/crosscourt, it's likely because of where his racquet strings are facing at contact and how early in the swing path he's making contact. To be sure, you should video him so you can review it in slow-motion. I'm leaning towards the latter in which case the fix is to get him to make contact later.

To help recalibrate, you could tell him to try and hit the left net post or the left side fence.