Need your input for a Ball Machine


Hi guys,
I woke up this morning thinking that I should get a ball machine. I am starting my research and would love to get the input of other forum members as there are many brands and features. I am a 4.0 player and would prefer a machine that produces top spin as well as flat shots with 70-80 mph. I live in a condo, so portability and battery performance is important for me as I will take it to the court and bring it back home every time I practice. My budget is around $1,000. Please recommend:

1.- Which brand should I get? which model?
2.- Should I buy it new or is it better to get a used one?
3.- If it is used, what should I look for
4.- Any other recommendation?

Thanks to all

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Use the Search feature. We have had many threads on ball machines, plusses and minuses. Good luck. Ball machines are great for improving your strokes. And great exercise.


If you go for a much more expensive one, consider buying it with someone else so you split the cost and then just manage the time using it together. I met a lady who did that and she has a quality machine that she can use basically nearly all the time.


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One recommendation

I've had a couple of ball machines and one thing I really like is larger wheels for hauling across grass or rough surfaces, which i have to do to get to my courts. My SAM has small wheels and it's a hassle. The Lobster I had before had larger wheels and I'm thinking about selling the SAM and getting a Lobster Elite partly for that reason.
That and the idea that the Elite weighs 15# less, which is a consideration for getting it in and out of your car.
I do like the remote, though a lot of people get by without it.