Needing a suggestion for a new hybrid set

Hello, dear fellow tennis players and fans of ther sport! I am new to the forum but I follow it since long time ago! Nice to meet Ya!

I ve decided to star posting here, because I haven't found a thread about the strings I am intending to use.

I play tennis casually since ten year old and played some amateur tournaments so I m not totally a noob.

So, after said a brief story of my tennis life, let's go to the topic matter.

1) Previous Strings
The hybrid set that I used the most in my life was prince beast XL 1.25 mm in the crosses (45 lbs) and rpm blast in the mains 16l main (48 lb) in my wilson blx tour 90 2010 and in my yonex Vcore 97 gravity 330g (I don't remember the tension in that racket).

Well, since 2015, I have my long time wish granted by God so that Wilson Released RF 97 Autograph giving me a midplus racket with good mass and weight for my one handed backhand. In that time I didn't have enough money to experiment with a set of natural gut and luxilon, so I made a "budget version" of Federer's set using NXT Power 16L in the mains (58lb) and RPM dual 16L in the crosses (55L). The direction control of the shots was amazing, I could take shots off my balance but the balls still landed in with good speed and rotation. And the playability lasted for a good amount of time. But ttwo problems were: rpm dual sawing through NXT and the "metal vibration" of rpm dual was starting to give me wrist and arm issues in long matches. In 2018, facing lack of power against opponents that didn't have so builden up bodies nor used complex kinect movement in their strokes but were overwhelming me in power cause they were using more loose tension, I resolved to change to a softer and looser hybrid set that I am using until now: NXT Power 16L mains (53 lbs) and RPM Blast 16L (50 lbs). What I can say about it: I enjoyed so much at the first hours. Volleys and groundstrokes with a good amount of power and spin with less effort. To tell you a thing, I had did a defensive off-center lob with the racket edge facing the floor and the ball incredibly landed in the baseline. That was wonderful. But what I feared happened: RPM Blast is known to lose tension fast, so after four hours of hitting, the stringbed started to feel dead and my strokes started to "spraying" the balls to places i didn't wanted.

2) New Strings Plan
So I am planning to change the hybrid set again. Now, I can afford Natural Gut and I read that its playability lasts until it breaks. As I am not a string breaker even though my default strokes are windshield wipers (extreme eastern forehand and "weak semi-western" backhand), I am intending to adopt natural gut now. As the place where I live is humid (Brazil, tropical area of Amazon, capital city Manaus), I m gonna try Babolat VS touch with BT7 technology (I read that it is stiffer than original natural gut, but I think, even so, it is more powerful and softer than NXT Power.). If babolat tonic was avaiable in Brazil stores, I would go for them, but as it isn't, I will go for VS Touch regardless of it being more expensive. For the crosses, I am in really doubt between Wilson Revolve 1.25 or Wilson NXT Control. I want a cross string with good control and playability time that doesn't go dead so fast as RPM Blast. Spin is not so much concern cause my strokes mechanics are already "spinny". So, taking those things in consideration, there are two options for my new hybrid set:

a) VS Touch Mains and NXT Control Crosses

b) VS Touch Mains and Wilson Revolve 1.25 Crosses.

Note: I don't now if I should up the tension in 1 Lb for each strings to compensate due to the new strings being more powerful than the previous.

So, my wise veterans, I would really appreciate your help and advices! ;)
Thank you, Guys!! I am tending to go Yonex Poly Tour Fire route. And about the tension, considering that I used to use Mains-53 Lbs and crosses-50 lbs, what tension would you recomend: 54 lbs(mains/51 lbs (crosses) or 55 lbs (mains)/52 lbs (crosses)? Take into account that I prefer "the racket do most of the work", especially in volleys.


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The key on the cross for playability and durability is a slick poly with 20-30% tension loss maximum.
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