Needing new strings - again

So the time has come to change strings yet again, I've been using Tecnifibre Red Code 16G in my 98 Blades (18X20), but I'm just not finding enough spin, pace and comfort.

I have previously used a lot of poly's and I feel there's literally *too* many choices on the market so I just want people's feedback on Yonex and Tecnifibre strings as I feel (from my experience) they're the highest-quality in terms of durability and they don't tend to play like cheap plastic like other brands.

Yonex PolyTour Drive is ridiculously cheap at my local tennis shop, I've heard this is a budget string but I've also heard its designed to play like RPM Blast - has anyone played around with it?

I've heard great things about PolyTour Strike in terms of tension stability, but does it have power and comfort?

Polytour Pro 120 used to be my go-to string but it just doesn't have enough control in a full-bed, though I love it in a cross with Tecnifibre Black Code 4S.

Any other strings worth mentioning?

Thankyou everyone in advance for your input
Maybe Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution in 1.25. It's kind of muted and pre-stretched at the factory. So it has better durability and more comfort. It's also got pretty good power for a poly and spin is also good. In fact, it can be thought of as a more muted and more comfortable version of Pro Red Code when you string PLE a couple of pounds tighter.
If you like Technifibre, you could just drop to Red Code 17g and use it as a cross with shaped Black Code in the mains.

If you want spin, hybrid a shaped or textured poly main with a smooth poly cross.
If you want pace and comfort, use thinner gauges with lower tensions.
Head Hawk Touch 17.
I've settled on this after too many polys killing my elbow. Swore off fullbed poly for good after converting to gut/poly.
I just discovered it accidentally after trying a demo and was so impressed.
It's soft yet low power so it's elbow friendly while offering good control, especially in a tight string pattern frame.
Has that gut feel to it which is surprising for a poly once you got the right tension. It's lively fresh but will settle down nicely and stays pretty consistent until it breaks.
I'm using in a Pure Strike 18x20.
How much are you looking to spend?
Do you prefer softer polys or stiffer?
What characteristics are you looking for?

That will help to narrow down choices.