Neos parts?


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Is there a place besides tennis machines? They only have new glide bars at $65/long bar. I'd like to save a handful of dollars if there was another source.


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The only other source would be to scavenge used machines. The TM price is fair and it's a nice small business run by folks who care for their craft. They will always give you their best (including free consultation on occasion). They've earned my business,OP--let them earn yours.
Do you need the bar or just the steel feet? It's the feet that wear out and can be had for $20/pair. You could save money that way, unless of course you are missing the whole glide gar.


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Tennis Machines is the best. I've sent them business many times and used them. I was really just hoping someone might have the entire extra bar for some unknown reason. I agree, $65 plus shipping isn't a bad deal.

TM always goes above and beyond!