New 2018 Wilson Pro Staff Line.

@TW Staff,

Release of the new cosmetic Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph and Pro Staff PS97CV appears to be imminent.

Everything I've read suggests these new models are just cosmetic changes and the actual racquet specs will be identical to the previous models.

If that's the case, will you be conducting TW Racquet Reviews for these new products?
Generally on this site, reviews from the old cosmetic are carried over to the new when no other changes have been made in a racquet. For example, check out the reviews for the "blue" Yonex frames.
The reason I ask is because it is a Pro Staff.

TW did a Racquet Review for the 2017 Pro Staff 97 that began with the following statement ...

"Wilson updates the Pro Staff 97 with a fresh, sleek cosmetic that will make any player stand out on the tennis court. The specs and layout have remained the same as the previous version, so we had playtesters who reviewed the original Pro Staff 97 review this one as well to see if their opinions had changed."

There was a Racquet Review for the 2016 Pro Staff 97 and I always assumed the only difference between the 2016 and 2017 versions was the cosmetic changes which seemed to be confirmed by the above statement.

TW, of course, has reviewed the 2017 Pro Staff 97 CV model. But I have not seen any review for the all black cosmetic 2018 Pro Staff 97 that was released a couple of months ago. (That makes sense as that racquet is only available in limited markets and is also just a cosmetic update of the 2017 Pro Staff 97.)

I'm not expecting TW to do its usual full Racquet Reviews of the new Pro Staffs but I just thought I would ask out of interest.


TW Staff

Karma Tennis,

The Pro Staff update is just a cosmetic update. We don't have plans to review it at this time. You are correct though, we did do a playtest of the last Pro Staff Rf97 Autograph and it was just a cosmetic update as well. The review will get updated images but the content will remain the same.

Brittany, TW
Goodness all of these cosmetic updates of the same racquet (Pro Staff, Blade, Ultra, Burn, etc) must be tough for a retailer to carry so much inventory of the same racquet. May not be an issue for TW but other smaller retailers I could see it being an issue (if they decided to carry all of them).
When you click the link to the Pro Staff landing page, does all that stuff come with each racket? Since it says VIP pack and "limited edition" I'm assuming this is something different but I don't see a price anywhere?

TW Staff


There will be a VIP kit releasing on July 1st. Unfortunately, we can not take pre-orders at this time.

Brittany, TW