New 360+ Prestige MP or VCORE Pro 97 HD


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Hey TW Forum,

So I used to use the Head Youtek Prestige MP and to this date was probably the racquet I performed best with, but sometimes it felt hefty/sluggish. Years later, I was gifted a Graphene Touch version of the Prestige Pro, which I felt was amazingly easy to swing and I hit rather well with it (almost on par with how I hit with the old Youtek). However, the actual feeling on contact left a lot to be desired and I just don't enjoy playing with it as much. In between the two, I tried the Babolat Pure Strike, APD, and Pure Drive and I didn't hit nearly as well with any of them by comparison. I feel as though I really only do well with thin-beam and control-oriented racquets for some reason, but I'm not entirely sure why.

I recently read that the new Graphene 360+ Prestige line has really improved on feel, so I'm incredibly tempted to upgrade to that, but I've also heard that the new Yonex VCORE Pro 97 HD is really good. The specs line up very similarly and it seems like Yonex has just been doing great things in recent years. The only issue is that I live in an area where tennis isn't super lucrative so many retailers around here only stock up on the most popular/best-selling racquet brands and lines: Babolats, Wilsons, and only some Heads (Speed, Radical, & Gravity), and Yonex EZONEs. So I don't have an opportunity to demo either without going to a site like TW and paying $25 for shipping, however neither racquets are readily available to demo upon last checking. Not to mention, with my work schedule, it's hard to make the use of the single week I'd have to use either for the money I'd be paying to ship the demos.

I was just hoping to get opinions from people who have used both racquets and see whether or not I should just go with a direct upgrade or jump the gun with a brand I'm not familiar with, and although I wouldn't mind hearing about other similar racquets, I'm pretty set on at least one of the two (Head Graphene 360+ MP or Yonex VCORE Pro 97 HD).



You really can’t go wrong here, they are both great racquets. I demoed both and ended up going with the Prestige but I could have just as easily gone with the VCP HD. For me, it came down to feel. I thought the Prestige had slightly better feel even though the RA is slightly higher. Full transparency though, I went back to my Gravity Pros not long ago after playing both for about 6 months. I would keep checking for a demo if you can, that’s the only way to really know outside of buying both. Good luck!


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Nothing wrong with doing well with control racquets. Coming from the Radical side, I would suggest paying the fee and demoing the Gravity Pro/MP, Prestige 360+ and Yonex. I think the extra enjoyment of picking the best racquet would be well worthwhile. If I had to pick just one I would go with he Gravity line. It just seems to have the right mix. Amazing how close the Gravity and Prestige lines are, but how both old Radical and Prestige players like the racquet.


I liked the HD more. I felt I could get better control with my forehand and especially with my OHBH. You can demo both but my preferences was with the HD. Better feel and control.
tried both, NTRP 5.5. (all around player) love the 360+ Prestige MP feel. Vcore Pro HD spray a bit for me after a long battle on the baseline. I'm going ham on those prestige 360+ mp got 3 for now, 2 more on the way. probably will stock up more along the way in the next few years.
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Tried Prestige and seemed heavier and less HL that it really is> The feel was great. I loved it and I wanted to keep it but after 1 hour Feld tired.
Next week I will hit with HD so I ll be back with comments


=> going to pop popcorn while I watch this thread.


As a strong player in my day (I'm 54 now) who always loved HEAD and never gelled with Yonex I'm curious how this thread tips.