New Babolat PD with White


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I happened to see a Bab brochure in the office last night. It was for the PD and the color scheme was changed to include a lot of white. It was really nice looking. I was busy stringing so I didn't get to read all of the brochure. Am I the last one to know about this?


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There has been one report in a thread about this with strict instructions not to publish. It has a tighter string pattern in the sweet zone.


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It's a secret...but here is a little bit of info.

Just so happens the US Open time...
A big tennis event....
Perfect timing to allure and build excitement. ..

Wilson has the markets attention now with Feds racquet.

Wilson's approach.'s the racquet. .have a look. Order now. Get later.

Could this new Pure Drive information be to grab some of that attention???
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Trying to improve on something that is already hugely popular... That's pretty awesome. My daughter plays with the Roland Garros Version, and my son plays with the regular paint job version. They both fell in love after their first few hits with them. Great frame for sure.