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Need some advice, I current have the old black/white Wilson Tour 6 bag, but am looking to upgrade to something with individual compartments to store dampeners, grips, etc. What 6 pack bag has room for 4-6 racquets, a waterproof compartment, shoe compartment and individual zippered compartments to hold small items. I think this Prince Bag has all the features but am wondering what other options do I have.


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The Prince Pro Team 12 has duel thermal compartments, individual mesh zippered compartments in the center pocket for dampeners, grips, etc... 2 outer accessories compartment. A shoe compartment that's accessible from both within the bag and outside the bag. (I've put mine up for sale in the classifieds).

Your other options would be the Eco Pro Super Six, and the Head Combi or Monster Combi's.


Which head bag (combi or super combi) is closest to the same size of the wilson Super 6?
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I'm leaning towards the Head Radical Combi 2009 bag. After seeing the video review, it has all the requirements I need except the seperate shoe compartment but it comes with a shoe bag. Does anyone have any experience with this bag or the Prince Pro Tour (I hate the patten leather on the new Prince Line)