New Balance 1002?

Hey Moe!

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I was considering purchasing a pair of New Balance 1001 shoes, as I am looking to replace a pair of Viper III's that, in my mind, weren't as good as the Viper II's.

I am interested in the 1001 because of cushioning and the availablility of widths.

I have been told that there is a New Balance 1002 model, due out in March. Anyone know anything about it?


I can tell you a few things about the 1002s because my college team (Furman University) in Greenville, SC playtests NB's prototype models. The 1002 is obviously an update of the 1001, but NB has added more rubber around the big toe area on the lateral part of the shoe. The 1002's also seem to be a bit more stable, but I would guess that they are slightly heavier.

New Balance also has a model called the 780 coming out. It is a durability and stability based shoe that is on the heavier side.

If you are looking for the most durable in the NB line, I have found the 653's to be incredibly durable, comfortable, and stable, if just a tad heavy.

Hope this helps.

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Hey Moe!

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Thanks, Daniel--and welcome!

I am looking for the cushioning that the 1001s provided, and the availabillity of width sizing. I know that some have been critical of both the lack of stability and lack of wear that the 1001 provides, so it looks like NB is addressing that.

Good luck to you and the rest of the team at Furman! BTW, I officiate ITA tennis, though for me the Big 10 is my stomping ground.