New Gamma X-ELS - clamp issues

I recently bought a gamma X-ELS and strung around 5 racquets. I am noticing that when clamp crosses and trying to as close as possible to the frame, I see the strings slip (after pulling tension, clamping and let go the tension), I saw an adjustment dial on the clamps that can be adjusted to tighten the grip of the clamp so that they hold the strings tighter, but I still see a little bit of a drawback when I let go tension. Am I doing anything wrong OR the clamps are bad? Your thoughts, please?
I've using a Gamma Progression II ELS for the last six years and I can say that even when I get a snug hold of a string and have the base of the clamp good and tight, there is still a very small degree of drawback when I release the tensioner. Nothing like what we see when using floating clamps that hold two parallel strings though.

If you're working with a string that has some printing on it, that can give a really good look at just how much the string is moving after clamping and releasing - if that printing on the string is running through a clamp, it will show you whether the string is physically slipping back through it. Again, a tiny bit is okay.

One thing I do after I've finished installing the mains is to tighten my clamps just a little bit to get the same amount of grab with the crosses. The crosses are woven into the mains and can't get as low in the jaws of the clamp where they have the most "gripping leverage", so they need to be set a little tighter to generate the same degree of hold on the string. If I forget to do this and I'm stringing at tensions above even the high 40's, I might see a little slippage of the crosses in my clamps.
Are you seeing the string actually slip in the teeth of the clamp, or just seeing the clamp draw back from the frame slightly? If string is slipping in clamp clean and readjust. If seeing draw back that is normal.
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Clean the clamp real good. Take it apart and scrub it. When done make sure it is adjusted correctly to hold the string. Just guessing, I think what you are doing is clamping the mains deep in the clamp. When you move to the crosses you will have to tighten the clamp to keep it from slipping. The clamp is tighter below the teeth then at the teeth. Not sure if that makes sense the way I wrote it.
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Every machine has drawback, it is mostly taken away on the next pull.

Slippage is different, you either need to clean your clamps or tighten them until you no longer get slippage but don't tighten them so much that they crush/flatten the string.
I am seeing the string slip maybe 1/2 inch when I let go the tension to start stringing next cross.
If your string slips 1/2” in the clamp it will ruin your string. Surely that can’t be happening. If your clamp is moving back 1/2” because of drawback you probably have an issue with the clamp bases. You need to take the bases off the machine and clean all point where the turntable and bases touch with 91% IA. Make sure there is no lubricant on the bases or turntable, and the bases are adjusted properly.
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