New Head Extreme line - TK82 or TK82S pallets?


Even the MicroGEL Radical re-issues had TK82S (at least for a while). Hoping they still have TK82S when the current shortage is resolved.


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TK82S Suck. Thats what the S stands for. Sucky sucky suck suck.

@Howard H will Head continue to sell TK82 pallets separately, or should i stock up now?

Bhagi Katbamna

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Hate, hate, hate the rectangular grip. Never can be sure of the orientation of the hitting surface. I really liked the microgel extreme pro but could never get used to the grip. Might try Head now.


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Hi You can also get an Angell and pick the A grip shape( Head Prestige) and then go with almost any head size and weight you like.
Yes thats true thanks! If only Paul would do a copy of the old microgel extreme. Theres a niche market out there for rounder headshapes since Head changed the extremes shape.

@Racketdesign are you listening?!


I am one of the guys who prefer the head rectangular shape instead of TK82S. I grew up playing Wilson all my life until I tried the Youtek prestige line in 2012 and I am hooked since. Tried hard Togo back to Wilson but can’t at this stage. I also stocked up on pallets for TK82.


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I played with the Prestige for a few years in the early 90s and the rectangular shape felt fine, but I can't handle it now - pun intended.

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I've run into a pallet snag and am hoping for some wisdom.

A student plays with the 2015 Graphene XT Extreme MPA, loves it, and is ready to have a second frame, and I just found him one in the wrong grip size. Thinking only the Speed used the TK82S in 2015, I sourced a TK82 pallet in his #2 grip size. However, when I stripped off the grip, I saw that this 2015 Extreme has a TK82S pallet!

My question: did a previous owner swap install this pallet, or did the 2015 Extreme MPA (like the current Extremes) already have a TK82S?

A search has turned up a reference to one poster's 2015 Extreme with a TK82 pallet, but it was an Extreme Pro, the poster was in Germany (my student and I are in the U.S.), and of course that poster may have swapped pallets too.
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What was the last Head generation to have TK82?

I am also curious if anyone has a side by side comparison of the 82 and 82S to see the difference
Prestige Touch had TK82...
I have both types of pallets, will try to take pics. May not e so obvious off a picture but is very noticeable once installed on a racket