New Head frames

Ok, here's my quick review of all 4 new Head frames.

As background info, I currently play the Agassi Radical Ltd. Edition, basically the 1993 edition of the Radical. Previously I played Prestige MP stock and Radical MP weighted down with tape.

1) Radical Pro - very much like the Flexpoint Radical Tour. Very powerful, too powerful in my opinion. I liked the racquet for slice and volley but not groundies or serve. The racquet is cumbersome and clunky. Don't care for 16 main string patterns. Fresh factory FXP 17 string job broke in 90 minutes. Conclusion - a niche racquet.

2) Radical MP - a slightly stiffer and more stable version of the previous Radical, which in my opinion made the racquet perform better in every area. The biggest difference I noticed was more spin on serves and more power on serves. My kickers were hitting halfway up the backfence. My flat and slice serves seemed to have as much mph as any racquet. Slightly different head shape - a little longer and thinner head shape. Beam is a little boxier in the throat area. Conclusion - Nice Job Head!!! This racquet will be a great improvement for fans of racquets in this category.

3) Radical OS - Similar to the Radical MP in that the increased stiffness helped the racquet. Not quite as stable due to the larger head at the same weight, but more stable than the previous OS. Conclusion - nice racquet that will be an upgrade for fans of the previous Radical OS.

4) Extreme Team - This racquet is sweet for a 9.5 oz 107 sq. in. frame. Very maneuverable, nice power, nice stability, nice sweetspot. Not as stiff as Extreme and Extreme Pro. Sweet on volleys - good control for a light 16 main racquet. Nice on serve, excellent kick - easy racquet head speed. Didn't hit any flat or slice - sorry! Didn't hit any groundies either, but based on the feel in other areas, I think it would perform well on groundies for a light middlewieght racquet. Conclusion - Very very nice stick for 3.0-5.0 players. Players in the upper end of the range may consider this as a doubles racquet.


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have u played the fxp radical mp or lm radical mp before? is it worth the wait and prolly the extra $$$
It is a little stiffer and serves much better, the only reason I can figure is the slightly new head shape. If this appeals to you, I'd wait. It's only 6 more weeks.

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Wow.. the new radical seems like it's going to be the first big succes for Head in a long time. I'm reading all this positive judgements on the new radical. Im actually a little disappointed that I just bought 2 nBlades (which I love btw so regrets whatsoever). I think I'm going to demo them anyway, just out of curiousity.


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I presume the Radical MP here is the flexpoint? Just curious
I have a couple of LM Radical MPs and was wondering what the new one was like
I tried the new microgel radical mp and microgel radical pro mp. First, I should say that they were factory strung and felt too loose for my taste.

Radical Pro MP: This frame will please people who like an open string pattern and hitting the ball deep with rolling topspin, but that's not my preferred way of hitting. I found it harder to control than the radical mp. Even with a vibration damper, it made an annoying sound and wasn't the most comfortable.

Radical MP: I hit with this one for most of the playing session. This would be a great frame to modify. With tighter strings and some extra weight, it could be a serious winner. It has a tighter string pattern that I liked. Excellent at net. I didn't try serves. FH and BH were both solid. I don't know what microgel is if it even exists, but this racquet did have an unusual and very nice feel to it. Very solid feeling. I strongly recommend this racquet to all-court players who don't mind modifying.

These were the last racquets I'm going to demo. I will buy the nblade either today or tomorrow. It's the best one for me.

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New Radical for a New Era

PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 17, 2007) - HEAD has launched a new tour racquet – the MicroGel Radical – offering aggressive, competitive players the ultimate feel and unique touch – through HEAD’s newest technology, MicroGel.

The modern game of tennis has evolved into an era of harder hitting, increased spin and more aggressive spin speed. HEAD is leading the game with a modern update of Andre Agassi’s former weapon of choice

“In today’s fast-paced, aggressive game, competitive players need a racquet that provides ultimate feel,” said Kevin Kempin, vice president of sales and marketing, HEAD Penn Racquet Sports. “Our new technology creates amazing response qualities and is wrapped up in cool-looking high-tech racquets.”

When combined with carbon composite fibers in the racquet head, MicroGel deforms and compresses upon ball impact, uniformly absorbing and distributing the impact load around the entire frame, creating a rock-solid feel while offering extra stability against twisting.

Amelie Mauresmo, No. 3 ranked WTA player, and Australian Open and Wimbledon Champion recently joined the HEAD team and chose the MicroGel Radical MP.

“I love the feel of the racquet, its power and its precision. The new MicroGel
Radical MP has taken my game to a new level.” said Mauresmo.

The MicroGel Radical line will available in June 2007 and include the following:

• The MicroGel Radical OS: An oversize tour racquet that offers a large
sweet spot with the remarkable feel of MicroGel’s Rock Solid
Performance. An excellent racquet for a wide range of competitive

• MicroGel Radical MP: Everything a tour player wants in control, now
with even more feel from HEAD’s MicroGel technology.

• MicroGel Radical Pro: Ideal for the faster playing style of aggressive players.

MicroGel provides outstanding feel, while the open string pattern provides added
pop and spin.