New Nike Air Max Breathe Cage II White Black Available Now!


Odd. I thought Raf was going to wear this shoe at Wimbledon and the lead up tournaments for the US Open.


I personally love the look of them and since I could use some new Tennis Sneakers I will definitely be getting one pair, and possibly two.


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First of all, I think you guys that think they don't look nice in the pictures are a bunch of lames. Those things are sweet. I actually saw them in Niketown yesterday and they look even better in person. You guys that don't like them are big fans of the oscillate I'd bet. I'd also bet that you don't like the all black Vapor V's (which are the only Vapors that I'd buy of the current selection).


So a bunch of you guys think a classic all white is "hideous"? :confused:

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i love them. i'm getting them.
i also saw in the back of the new tennis magazine in one of the ads, there's a predominantly white with navy blue and a little grey Cage II. they look similar to the black/white ones. i wonder when those will come out.


Oh my god, I love this color!! I also love the new women's cages... an authorized Nike dealer in my area showed me them. They are just like these, except the black (not the swoosh) is purple. They are so much better than the pink ones that are out right now, OMG!!! :D :D :D YES!!


The Cages, IMO, are not shoes that can pull off a simple color scheme like white and black. The design of them is too complicated for white and black (I guess I mean the Drag-On uppers). So far, my favorite color scheme of them is the white/blue/silver.