New Pouille Interview includes Spanish vs. French Player



"Pouille, who has a French father and a Finnish mother, has proven multiple times this year that he does not fall under that category."

“Honestly I don’t know, but it’s true that when you speak about a Spaniard, you say he’s a fighter and he’s going to run down every ball and try to put one more ball in the court every time. And when you talk about a French, it’s like okay, he’s talented, but he’s not going to fight hard or work hard. I don’t know if it’s true, I don’t want to judge anybody, but the only thing for sure is that I’m not those things,” he says."


been training with Fed too (includes pictures)


Sometimes if feels true though. Simon being the exception. (Although I wouldn't call him a fighter like Ferrer)


Pouille comes across as a likeable-and-focussed fellow, with his head firmly screwed on. Hope he'll build further on his recent success in the upcoming season.


Hall of Fame
I don't buy that french players are more 'talented'. Someone like almagro is an amazingly talented ball-striker. For me, nadal is an amazing talent too, just watching his soccer skills with a tennis ball confirm his natural abilities.

I think french players look to exploit flair more, hitting flair shots, which give them the talent tag. If you try 20 drop shots a match aka benoit paire, and one comes off amazingly you will look talented and people will call you talented. IF you play percentage and conservative you won't make the highlight reels despite the same amount of success.