NEW Prestige MP 360


So as I was pondering on getting the current Pro, there's no reason not to buy on sale later this year than waiting for the new one with a new name and paint job?


I didn't like it either, but I didn't think it was that bad. Looks a little better in person. But I'm surprised as many people hate it.

I recall plenty of people liking the all red RF97 Laver Cup sticks. Even though I still didn't. The red was practically the same shade. Almost. People are strange.
They switch back to a good paintjob as soon as I buy two bright red sticks...
I was almost you too :-D, except I would have bought one to go with the one I already have.


I kind of like the look of the current red Prestige. If I were to change anything, I'd make the whole thing gloss. If I were to change two things, I'd probably pick a different colour for the text than the neon. If I were to completely overhaul the cosmetic, I would just completely rip off the Prestige 600 in silver/neon green, because that thing looks dope.

Regardless, looking forward to the new ones (especially if it helps me snag one of the red ones on discount).


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Hi Folks, got a little sneak peek at this....complete red again with red CAP and now get silent: unchanged Specs despite of real 98 si Headsize & 20mm beam!!! I am thrilled until mid end of January.....
So what would be a reason to upgrade?


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Man they really need someone new to endorse this besides Cilic
They've got Popyrin and I feel like someone else who's name eludes me at the moment.

But yeah, they do need more, but I don't see it as being particularly marketable compared to their other ranges.


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Prestige Tour - formerly the Pro - feels great all around. This frame was not a box beam with the Graphene 360+ and is now back with the box beam. Crisp all around feel. No complaints here. For a 16x19 I think it feels as good as an RF97 (which I competed with for 3 years)
If I’m reading this correctly, the Tour is 95 but a new mold from previous Pro? Back to box beam sounds nice


If I’m reading this correctly, the Tour is 95 but a new mold from previous Pro? Back to box beam sounds nice
That would be interesting, personally I don't really like the look of the current beam. It looks very different to the other racquets in the line.


The new Prestige looks very similar to the Graphene Touch generation prior to the 360+ red paintjob. More gloss dark red in the hoop (from 7 'oclock to 4 o'clock, in a clockwise direction) and a matte, dark grey/black throat. Wish it was more distinguishable from the Graphene Touch version. I happen to be a fan of the all red 360+ BTW


I played with the New Prestige Pro today in a match. Formerly known as the MP. More of the same. Rock solid. I noticed much easier depth with this new one. Good pocketing sensation. Maybe not quite the "sweet" feel of the red 360+ but definitely more accessible. bigger sweetspot for sure. Plus it looks great!
How is the stiffness? If you had to guess what is the RA?

Hoping they are under 63 or so flex.