New Racquet for me...

Rafa Nadal

I search for a new racquet..first of all, i play 85% Baseline and like to serve forehand is good, but the racquet should help me a little bit by my bad backhand :D
Ive picked um 3 racquets:
Prince O3 Tour
Head FXP Prestige MP
Babolat Pure Drive Roddick+

Has anyone played these racquets, or can say which would fit better?


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BabolatFan said:
What makes you wanna switch? Just curious. I didn't like the APD either.
if you dun like APD, you dun like to topspin either mate'...:rolleyes: ur shots are probably flat...

Rafa Nadal

Nono ive didnt play the Aeropro since 5 Months, the Signature is old ;)
At the moment i havent a racquet, because of testing about 4 months :D


I found the aeroprodrive to be waaaaaayyy to stiff, like 3 freshmen kids own this racket on my tennis team, and I didn't like them the standard or the plus version. I like my rackets to be a little more flexy....I'd say the puredrive roddick + would be the best choice, I've hit with Fishuuuuu's o3 tours and found them to be way underpowered for the large headsize...Serving big would be easy with the puredrive compared to the fxp prestige mp also.