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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by TravelinMan, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. TravelinMan

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    Mar 2, 2007
    As many others here, I'm searching for a new stick. First the basics:

    Age - 47
    Size - 6'3"
    Yrs Playing - been playing on and off for over 25yrs
    Level - low 3.5
    Left Handed

    FH - eastern grip, flat forehand with occasional minor topspin
    BH - one handed slice, trying to develop a flat backhand but I can make the ball dance with my slice
    Serve - first serve slice, second is a weak kick. developing a stronger flat serve
    Game - All court junk baller and I like to shoot for the lines (playing more doubles these days than I used to)
    Current Racquet - Babolat Pure Drive Roddick, NXT 17 on the mains, Luxilon Ace 18 on the crosses, both at 60lbs (been playing this stick for about a year). I went to this string set up to be able to control the PDR.
    Reason for Change - With more doubles play, I feel that I can't manuver the PDR very well at the net. Also, near the end of a long match, my arm starts to feel like putty and some lingering soreness in my middle deltoid.

    So looking for something a little lighter, more maneuverable, a little more control and less power.

    Here's my take on the demo's so far (in order of how I tried them):
    Head Extreme - Liked the racquet but had a little trouble with control. Could not serve well with it. May try it again.

    Prince Speedport Black - Really liked this racquet. Manuverable, good spin, great serving. This is my main contender.

    Head Microgel Radical 107
    - Hated this one from the get go. Could not get the head around for most of my shots.

    Prince Speedport Red
    - Nice feel, served well with it but could not control my ground strokes, was taking half swings to keep the ball from flying.

    Prince Speedport Tour - I played well with this all around in a doubles match but it felt a little heavy and that my game is not up to the ability of the racquet.

    Wilson K Zen - OK on ground strokes but could not serve or volley well with it. Just did not feel comfortable swinging it.

    Prince O3 White - This was my runner up to the PDR last year. I still like the racquet all around and served very well with it but it was a little too powerful. I could go with this and string near the high end of its range or the Black and string middle to low end. Liked the Black better.

    Next Up - Yonex RDS003, Babolat Pure Storm?, Any others to suggest given my current trend?

    I plan to narrow this to the top 2 then try them again.

  2. TravelinMan

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    Mar 2, 2007
    Sorry for the Dup post

    Please ignore / delete this one.

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  3. DavidGarcia

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Why should we ignore?

    It was now getting interesting since I also have a PDR and wanted to know which one you were going for.

    I seem to have the same problem than you with the PDR so I just changed to a nBlade 98 and loving the change so far.

    It is a lot more flexible than the PDR and has a lot more control......missing the power from the PRD though but well has too much stiftness for my taste.

    Have you given a go at a nBlade?

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