New Racquet suggestions (OLD: Head Classic Mid)



ok, so heres the deal, ive been playing with the older prestige classic mid for a while now. Ive just cracked my second to last one, and im left wtih the version that wasnt made in austria, says classic mid on the side.

anyway, i love everything about this racquet. weight, power, feel. its just right for me.

but now the question is, what racket do i buy now that i cant get this one anymore?
so far ive tried the LM prestige (felt heavier) and the ncode six-one tour 90. didnt like either.

any other suggestions?
well you can still buy the Prestige Classic from another online tennis sp*t... or you could try the inexpensive yet very solid playing Head Pro Tour 630 from yet another tennis site in the mid of the west US...
or if you want something just a bit lighter, the Yonex RDX 500 mid is a really nice playing racquet.