new racquet...



I'm thinking to change my racquet. I use a k team (330g) and I'm a agressive baseliner (2HBH and 1HFH) who likes to come to the net finished the point. BTW i'm 5.0

I'm thinking in these reacquets to replace my k team:

-pure strom tour
-the new yonex...I don't know the name

sugestions are welcome!!


those are good rackets to look at. I recently purchased a pure storm tour and am very happy with it.

Also check out the : Rds001 mid or mid plus, Flexpoint Prestige MP


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if ur on a budget or not id go with the ntour 95 is ony $80 and its even balance and light so u can adjust it to whatever ud like even by itself its a pretty good racquet


The K Team is a highly customizable frame. I really suggest leading up before deciding to change racquets--especially because it's also a pricey frame.

If you're adamant about a new stick though, the AG200 is good for flat hitters and at net. For topspin, maybe the POG MP; I've heard some good things about it.