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  1. Blee1613

    Blee1613 Semi-Pro

    Feb 13, 2010
    So, I currently use the 6.1 Tour 90's (BLX and K). But my coach and I think it would be more beneficial to move to a different racquet. Anyways, I love everything about those racquets except maybe the sweet spot is a bit small, and they are kind of unforgiving. But I was looking into 2 other racquets the Head IG Prestige Pro and the Head IG Prestige Mid. Both racquets received stellar reviews and I was wondering, which one plays more like the 6.1's?
  2. ZeroSkid

    ZeroSkid Banned

    Nov 8, 2011
    The Mid for sure, the only thing is that it has a closed string pattern where as the six one tour has an open string pattern so you may want to get a very spin friendly string if your you use a fair amount of topspin in your game. Also many people say that the prestige mp and pro have a 95 head size and that the mid actually has like a 89 or 91 or whatever number the come up with, I played with a prestige and I have a vantage 95, the 95 feels slightly smaller and I measured the prestige, it is in fact 98 sq inches in head-size, people just say its smaller because it may feel smaller because of its very oval head design instead of a very round head.
  3. eleventeenth street

    eleventeenth street Semi-Pro

    Jun 17, 2010
    why do you and your coach think it would be beneficial to move to different racquets? if it's because of the lack of forgiveness and small sweet spot you mentioned, i'd avoid the mid. it's not going to be any more forgiving, nor have a bigger sweet spot. the prestige mid's head size is 89.5 sq in. despite what they are marketed as today.

    i know this is trite advice, but you should demo

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