New Racquets from PRINCE are here! (Beyond the Playtest: Everything You Need to Know About the Prince Ripstick 100 & Synergy 98)

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New racquets from Prince are here!

And our playtesters take a deep dive to tell you all about the new Prince Ripstick and Synergy 98! From a super powerful racquet to a unique new string pattern, our team talks about the good and challenging aspects of both of these new, modern frames!

Prince Ripstick 100: With this racquet Prince has created a powerful modern player's racquet with above average comfort for the breed. At 11.2 ounces strung, the Ripstick is not only fast enough for intermediate players, it also packs a near 330 swingweight, giving it enough stability and plow through to tempt the more advanced ball striker. This racquet's comfortable feel comes partly from the extra large O-Ports that surround the hitting area. Prince has delivered an impressive weapon to intermediate players in search of power. The arm-friendly comfort is a nice bonus.

Prince Synergy 98: An impressive weapon with controllable power and outstanding feel. At 11.4 ounces strung this stick is mobile enough for intermediates, but it also packs a beefy 330+ RDC swingweight, which means it has enough stability and plow through for the advanced ball striker. In addition to its control-oriented 98 square inch head, this racquet has an 18x18 string pattern, giving it impressive precision when driving the ball through the court. Other features include a uniquely textured aerodynamic surface (for easier acceleration) along with a CTS beam, which is thinner in the shaft (for better feel) and thicker in the head (for extra power and stability). Experienced players looking for a stable player's racquet with outstanding feel and controllable power should love this one.

Happy Hitting!
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Informative and entertaining podcast on the new Prince offerings. Please provide an update on when we can expect the next generation of the Prince Textreme Tour series (white frames) and the Prince Phantom Graphite 97 which are both available now in Japan. Thanks!


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Why does this design have side ports to increase the flex and yet have a very wide cross section width to decrease the flex?

What is the net gain or advantage?


Enjoyed listening to this podcast. Good to see Prince having a go and making interesting racquets. Wish the company well and that it becomes successful again. Hope to see more grip 5 options of their frames as well.