New raquet day! Babolat Pure Aero VS


Hey guys

I usually play with a Yonex VCore 98 and also a Regna 98... love them and really had a révélation switching from 100 heads to 98..

Previously played years with a Babolat Pure Aero... the regular model

I ordered a Babolat VS Pure Aero. Apart from the great look i think it may be just a bit more powerful than my Yonex due to higher stiffness and slightly thicker beam... might just be the great mix between a regular PA and my 98 Yonex :)

Anybody plays a PA VS?? I will string it with head lynx tour at 23 kg... also want to try some hyper G soft.

My Yonex are stringed with topspin cyberblue :)
Definitely let us know how it goes. Pure Aero VS may be the nicest looking racquets on the market IMO. Everything I have read or been told is that PAVS is basically a less powerful PA. If you already have your VCores set up looser or with more powerful strings than where you had the PA then I would start the same as the VCores and work from there.


I went the other way from the pa vs to the vcore 98. It'll be like the vc98 on steroids but also harsher on the arm if you have issues in that department. Also needs at least a gram or two of lead in the upper hoop


Thanks for the recommendation... will string it with some Head Lynx Tour at 23 kg... while I wait for the batch of Hyper G soft 120 that I ordered :D