New replacement grip?


Hey guys, been using Babolat Syntec Pro with my Babolat APD for about 5 years now. Should you change replacement grip often? I think now it is more flat from holding it so long. I change overgrip every match for new one, Babolat VS Grip Original, I tried other grips, like 4 different ones from Head, Luxilon, and different ones from Babolat, but I always play the best with VS Grip, it's very thin and I can feel the racket like a scalpel. I'll change replacement grip because there is accumulated glue from overgrip tape on the bottom of the handle. Should I try something new from Babolat? Thanks!


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Skin feel is a great replacement grip, but slightly smaller than syntec. Not sure how often one is supposed to change replacement grips if you’re always using an overgrip.
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