New shoes what to get?

What shoe

  • Adidas Barricade IV

    Votes: 16 45.7%
  • Asics Gel Resolution

    Votes: 7 20.0%
  • Nike Air Max Breathe Cage

    Votes: 11 31.4%
  • Nike Air Oscillate

    Votes: 1 2.9%

  • Total voters
I am choseing between 3 shoes Asics Gel Resolution,Nike Air Oscillate, Nike Air Max Breathe Cage,and what the heck Adidas Barricade IV . Feedback on what to get would be great!!!!:(
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Hewitt Aussie

i didnt want to fall for the barricade shoe, and i really wanted to get the nike air max breathe cage. But i went to the store, and i got the barricades. And they are a great shoe, you wont regret it. I still want to try the nike's though. Anyway, the barricades have a lot of support, and they are very comfortable.


Well a lot of that depends on what you want in your shoe. If you play a lot of hardcore tennis or play 5 days a week, i would pick either the cages or the barricades. Of those two barricades hold up better and have a little better traction, while the cages are lighter and more comfortable. I haven't tried the asics, but i hear they aren't as durable as either the barricades or cages, but are comfy. No idea on the Oscillates.


Why don't you find someplace where you can try the shoes on? If it doesn't fit your foot, it doesn't matter how well made or designed the shoe is.

I really envy people that have feet that comfortably fit most lasts. I have feet with a normal heel, medium instep, and wide toe spread. A lot of shoes fit except for the fact they crush my toes. I can't play or move well when I'm in pain.

If two pairs of shoes fit equally well, then you can go with what suits your fancy.


cant go wrong with nike and adidas...i happen to have 3 of the shoes on your list for sale sizes 9 and 9.5 ;-)

in highschool the oscillates only lasted me a month but i was playing every day on hardcourts....dont know how the new ones last...i would expect the barricade 4 and the cage to be more durable regardless of what the oscillate is like now because barricade 2 and breathe free 2 lasted me just over 5 months each and i'm pretty sure the newer versions would as durable if not more so....


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get the adidas. or the nike breathe free 2's. i bought a pair of the cage in the same size as the old breathe free 2's i had and the cages were narrower in the front. they are too narrow in the front and pinch my small toe. the barricades have the most cushion, but i would say the breathe free 2's are the best.


Shoes are exremly individual, so with that in mind the folowong are my thoughts. The Barricades are as advertised very durable and suportivebut but very heavy, downside for me. A nice shoe is the Yonex SHT 305 supportive no role aver potnetial and very important to me feel light and actually are


BARRICADES 4s!!! One of the best shoes I've ever used so far =D.
I am tempted to try the cages though....nooooo must resist!!!