New stringers should post on these boards before buying used

jim e

On one of the big auction sites someone is selling a Serrano machine listed in excellent condition. What he does not say is parts are missing, no weights, no long bars for main clamps, and the 4 clamps missing, and parts have been long since discontinued from tm a long long time ago.
I know as I used Serrano many years ago, and know parts are not available unless you find used from another seller, which is slim.
Just wanted to post this message if any new stringers looking to buy used machine to post on these boards so someone with knowledge on these can inform you if what you are looking at is proper and complete.
I let the seller know his machine is good for parts only, and should be listed as such, but never changed his listing.
I guess you can't protect everyone.
But I think if someone wants to afford a Serrano, they know about it and at least see that parts are missing.
Anyway, it's just another thing for nostalgics and collectors.


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I knew a guy that had a complete Serrano when he passed away. For a couple of years his wife kept it around because it was too big and heavy to move. Whether she still has it or not I have no idea.

jim e

If a Serrano has the updated fixtures for the larger racquet size then it could still be used today. It's just seeing a seller advertising that it's in excellent condition and not say many parts that are no longer available are missing. This could happen with many machines out there, so just wanted to inform new stringers looking and if they are unsure of used purchase may want to post here and someone may be able to help and inform.


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There is also some guy on the bay that is selling some random piece of metal with some bolts etc., as a used stringer. It doesn't even look like a part for some ancient stringer. When I messaged him about it and suggested he take it down or change the description, he got downright rude. IT has been for sale for over a year. To each his own I guess, but if was some newbie tennis player trying to become a stringer and bought this thing, I would be majorly pissed.


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^^^ah, yes the item from Surprise, AZ (strikes me as ironic). I don’t know what it is but I’m pretty sure it’s not part of a “vintage” stringing machine nor is it a working part of a death ray. If someone can convince me it is either, I call dibs.


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There is also an old upright Alpha on the site which is missing the base and the clamps.

I also wonder about the "winch type threading machines". They aren't missing any parts, but I don't think I'd want to try stringing with one.