new strings

srv vlly

i am a serve and volley type player. i used to use klippermate synthetic gut, but it dosent last long enough. i need a new string for my mains one that is durable, but wont take away from the touch i need.


I competely dissagree with the above statement. Poly will provide no feel. I recommend a top shelf synthetic like X1-BiPhase or NXT Tour.


TIMO has good spin and control characteristics, but is not really a touch-emphasizing string.

If you want touch, hybrid natural gut with a poly to firm up the stringbed or go with a top-line multifilament string, such as Technifibre NRG2 or X-1 Biphase.


I play a lot of serve and volley. I suggest you try natural gut mains with synthetic gut crosses. If you use the lower prices guts, it's about the same cost per racquet as premium multis, and plays better and lasts longer, in my experience.

Otherwise, go with a good multi. Most polys aren't good in the touch department, but Big Banger Ace is OK. Compared to a gut hybrid, or a multi, it's harsher on the arm.