new to customizing strings

hey everyone i use head liquidmetal prestiges (mp) and i need help with string choices. Previously i have used head intellistring, but i want to customize my strings for the purpose of lowering the price (head intellistring is expensive!!!). I am going to buy some fairly inexpensive wilson polys and was wondering if anybody knew what would go well with polys.
Also should i put the polys in the mains or crosses?
Any suggestions would be great or any combinations that work for you.
Thanks a lot.


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If i were to make a simple, simple suggestion, it would be to hybrid intellistring as a main with forten sweet 16 as a cross. 80%+ of the same performance and feel for ~half the price.

Where are you buying your strings from? Furthermore, do you string your own racquets?


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marcus_alsager said:
if you want a soft and powerfull hybrid get polys in mains n syn gut in crosses
Calling a poly hybrid soft (in comparison to most strings) is a bit misleading, IMO.