New Updated Yonex VCORE SV 98+?

Hi TW. Would this end of September eta include the rest of the updated Vcore SV line, or can we expect the standard length sticks earlier? They're going to be on the demo list for me when they arrive.


The standard length are expected to launch end of August.

Brittany, TW
Many of the specs for the new VCORE 95 and 98 are listed on Yonex’s site...except for the RA. Any clue what those might be (even if not a specific # whether they might play more flexible than their predecessors)?

TW Staff


We haven't received our samples yet although they are due any day now in our office so we can't comment on a number. However, from what we were told from Yonex, the updates should be slightly (1-2 lbs) more flexible but we can't confirm anything official at this time.

Brittany, TW