New Web Site

Now the web site is too spread out and is trimming the Avitar's on the left and the info on the right. When I zoom out on my browser things just get more spread out and when I zoom the other way things get worse. If there was a complaint that there was too much dead space on the sides before now it is the opposite.

Overall things look good but this is an issue.

I am running Safari.


TW Staff

Sorry for the delayed reply. When I look in Safari, I am not experiencing this same issue. Is this still happening for you?

Tiffani, TW
This morning I logged in and the issue has returned. There is no border on either side and things are chopped off. This was not an issue yesterday.

Are you running on several web servers and perhaps the change has not been replicated across all of them?

I use safari and never had this issue
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When I log in there are times the boarders are fine. Others, it actually trims content on either side. it seems to me they have not updated all their web servers. You may be lucky enough to be hitting the right one.