New year wishes for your favorite player

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I want 2019 to usher in a next gen slam winner and I'm nominating Robbie Federer. He has touch, feel, awesome genes and at age 72, he should be entering his peak. Your next Australian Open winner in three weeks? Robbie Federer.

His talent on display:

Robbie lets Roger hold Norman:

Sev and Roger's reactions when Robbie wins the AO:

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Its the beginning of the end for the rest of the world truly

2019 Is the year the childs games stop being played and Isner, Johnson, Tiafoe, Fritz, Harrison, and McDonald all enter the top 10

Finals of the French Open, Wimbledon, and the World Tour Finals are all American finals and all four grand slams are won by the true winners of both world wars
Out of interest, where do you rate winning a 3rd Wimbledon title in terms of achievements you'd like for Nadal?
#1 AO - because it gives him the double career grand slam which is a very unique achievement vs Djoker & Fed
# 2 RG - the year that he stops winning this, his chances at the other slams significantly decline. This is an important slam to keep the slam race alive and to keep his ranking up
# 3 Wimby - this would be a very nice and unexpected bonus but for me it is a clear third. He has won it twice and is the only one of the ATG3 to win the channel slam twice, he has been to the final another three times, he has proven his grass prowess at his peak. From this point forward in his career, he will never be a grass ATG, he will fall more into the Djoker / Federer category at RG - could have been one of the greats of the tournament if he converted the lost finals.
# 4 USO - again, another one would be a bonus and very welcome but he has proven himself there with three titles and an additional final.