New Yonex VCore 98 Shapovalov Racket


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Hi Everybody, I am in neeed of some help!

I have been using Wilson rackets for some years now and have got used to the balance (points system) that as far as I can see, only Wilson adopt. As far as I know, the higher the point, the lighter the head.

Anyway, I am thinking of changing to the the new Yonex VCore racket as it weighs a bit more. However, the balance is 315mm. What does this mean and how does it translate to the pts system? Is that 9 points? Is it a head light racket? I don't know!

Any help would be great.



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Shapovalov uses the Yonex SV VCore 95.

For a 27” racquet: Standard to metric conversion for racquet balance:

Even balance = 343.0
1pt head light = 339.8
2 pts head light = 336.6
3 pts head light = 333.5
4 pts head light = 330.3
5 pts head light = 327.1
6 pts head light = 323.9
7 pts head light = 320.8
8 pts head light = 317.6
9 pts head light = 314.4
10 pts head light = 311.2
11 pts head light = 308.1
12 pts head light = 304.9

So it would be approximately 9pts hl yes.