new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) -- arm-friendly 100 sq in option?


Good stuff, @Snaab. Did you play with the previous version -- any differences? How is it on volleys? Can you compare it to any other racquets? What racquet would you say it's most similar to?


naturallight - did not hit with the prior navy version, but did own the Duel G 100. I think the current 16x19 pattern as compared to the Duel's 16x20 makes for a slightly livelier string bed. Racket is maneuverable and has a big sweetspot, so easy to volley with. Playability wise, it is comparable to the Prince Textreme 100P apart from its denser 18x20 string pattern.

fuzz nation

Has anyone hit with the new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300)? Specs look very similar to the previous model, but the vibration rating has come down to 144 (from 150), which is pretty low for a 100 sq in racquet. Seems like a potential arm-friendly 100 sq in option, which are few and far between. TW video is pretty darn positive. Any thoughts?!
If you want it to be arm-friendly, try stringing it with something other than a poly or poly hybrid. If you can live with multifilament or synthetic gut, that should be easier on your arm than the polys.