newb question about tie-offs on crosses


Hello everyone

I have strung four racquets so far in my illustrious stringing adventures. I have two Pacific X Feel Tours and the tie-off location for the crosses on a two piece pattern is four grommets away from the grommet where the last cross 'leaves' the racquet. Distance wise is at least 2/2.5" from where the fixed clamp would hold the string to where the tie-off knot would occur.

My question is:

- given the distance how hard should i pulling on the knot to tighten to ensure i don't lose too much tension throughout the crosses. Do i pull as i hard as i can?

Thanks for any information

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I play with the x feel tour as well and yeah, the tie off location is far away. Most stringers (and on my machine has a knot button) increase the knot tension 5 lbs when doing the (edit: last cross or main). I pull pretty hard and use a parnell knot to tie it. The parnell or the wilson pro allows you to pull the slack on the outside of the frame.

You could increase your tension to 7 or 9 lbs if you worry about a little bit of drawback. I run into this same problem and just do 5 lbs.
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Jerry Seinfeld

When stringing crosses try going directly from cross #17 to cross #19 (thus skipping #18) Now go back and fill in #18. You will now be closer to the tie off point and you can also increase the tension to compensate for tension loss at tie-off.


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You can use a knot function to increase tension on the string you're tying off but do not use the knot function or the machine for that matter to tighten the knot. Some stringers increase tension on the last two strings.

Toy shorten the distance between the bottom croc and the tie off location you could skip the cross below your tie off grommet and run it last making the cross you tie off very close to the tie off grommet. The down fall of doing that is you end up with a hard weave for that cross and more than likely some blocked holes.

I would not increase the pulling force when tying any knot as you run a higher risk of breaking a string right at the knot. Nothing worse than breaking a string tying off the bottom cross. I also do not increase tension on tie off. You not hitting with those strings anyway and they are the shortest strings in the racket so there is no need to have the same tension you would have on a longer string in the hitting area.

Best thing when stringing is to keep it very simple. If you want to try something like increasing tension on some strings try it and if you can't tell the difference stop doing it. Don't just do something because you think it might be a good idea. Best thing is to keep it simple tension the strings, tie off the strings and go play tennis.