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    May 14, 2009
    This year I went to Saddlebrook Resort (Harry Hopman Tennis Program) and Newcombe's Tennis Ranch, for adults. The instruction was about par, with a bit more sophistication and organization at Newk's. Both places had great instructors and program. Where Newks really shined was the sense of community. They really went out of the way to make people feel connected. They had after tennis events both on campus and off. We went to a very nice restaurant off campus and some stayed for dancing at a club. There were also competitions of Pictionary, Name that Tune (actually played by one of the instructors, extremely well, I might add). There was some old fashioned Aussie drinking, but I had a good time at these events drinking Coke, only. At Saddlebrook, there was no community outside of the camp. The room facilities were better at Saddlebrook. Saddlebrook provided a fantastic breakfast buffet, but no other meals. Newk provided 3 meals a day, mostly home cooking. Another nice touch is that most meals the instructors joined you. Again, made you feel connected. Last issue was cost. The price outside of transportation was 1800+ out of season for Saddlebrook. 1200+ in season at Newks. Were they the same price, I would still prefer Newks. That place is fun and has great tennis.

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