NFL Playoffs prediction thread - long version.

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    So the matchups are set. Who ya got in the Super Bowl. This is what I think feel free to flame away :)

    keep in mind The No.1 Seed will always play the lowest remaining seed.


    Wild Card round

    5. New York Jets (9-7) at 4. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)

    The two lowest scoring teams and two of the best Defenses. Close game but a couple turnovers by rookie QB Sanchez will allow Cincy to Prevail.

    6. Baltimore Ravens (9-7) at 3. New England Patriots (10-6)

    Without Wes Welker I dont think the Pats offense can consistently move the ball. I think Flacco hands off to the Rice McGahee combo enough to control time and keep from throwing costly INTS.

    Divisional Round

    4. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) at 2. San Diego Chargers (13-3)

    The Chargers are hot and have tons of momentum, thier recievers are huge. IMO the funnest offense to watch. P. Rivers throws deep alot and the get big plays from it. Cincy cant keep up offensively.

    6. Baltimore Ravens (9-7) at 1. Indianapolis Colts (14-2)

    I really dont like the fact the Colts will not have played a full game in over a month. But at this point you cant go against P. Manning who I think is secretly coaching the team.

    Conference Championship

    2. San Diego Chargers (13-3) at 1. Indianapolis Colts (14-2)

    Norv Turner scares me as a coach in these kind of games. But SD always plays the Colts hard and have beaten them in the playoffs before. Colts D is not physical enough to stop the bigger recievers. Indy has to many untested guys on O. Chargers in the Bowl.


    Wild-card Round

    6. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) at 3. Dallas Cowboys (11-5)

    This is the toughest game of them all for me to call. Normally you take Andy Reid over Wade Phillips in a playoff game. But the Cowboys to me are the most complete team right now in the NFC. I hope they lose but dont see it yet.

    5. Green Bay Packers (11-5) at 4. Arizona Cardinals (10-6)

    I think the Packers D will get to Warner, and I think the Cards D will not get to Rodgers. Rodgers with time to throw is upper echelon QB and the difference in this game.

    Divisional Round

    3. Dallas Cowboys (11-5) at 2. Minnesota Vikings (12-4)

    Vikes D puts constant pressure on Romo and he tutns the ball over. Brett Favre listens to his coach and giver the Ball to AP. And makes the proper throws when he has to. Plus Wade Phillips sucks as a coach in the Playoffs.

    5. Green Bay Packers (11-5) at 1. New Orleans Saints (13-3)

    I know the Saints are on a downward spiral. But I cant them losing to the Packers at home I dont think the fans will allow that to happen.

    Conference Championship

    2. Minnesota Vikings (12-4) at 1. New Orleans Saints (13-3)

    Saints D had done a good job creating TO's this year. But they give up yardage. I say AP holds on to the football and the Vikes D keeps Brees and Co. in check enough to squeak out a win. Id rather not see Favre in Bowl but I think Minn is the better team.

    Super Bowl XLIV

    SUNDAY, FEB. 7

    San Diego Chargers (13-3 vs Minnesota Vikings (12-4)

    Chargers cant be stopped this year. To many weapons on offense stout enough D. Plus I dont want Favre to win an SB so we have to hear about great he is all year. But I dont think I have anything to worry about.
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    I like all of your picks, to be honest. The only ones I could see going either way would be the AFC Championship and Eagles/Cowboys. The Eagles definitely laid an egg yesterday, but I think that once they fell behind, Andy Reid decided to pack in the game plan and try not to show his hand.

    The Saints are going to be one of 2 teams in the Divisional - they're going to clean some unlucky team's clock, or they're going to go in stale and get handled. I don't see that game being close no matter what though.
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    well done...san diego has been on a roll lately...hard to argue your super bowl winner...

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