Nice time at the Acura


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Was there to see the Clisters-Vaidisova semifinal last night.

Saw Vaidisova heading out for practise as I was parking my car. She looks incredibly tall in person - like a giraffe walking. But very few knew who she was - and there was nobody following her.

Caught two practise sessions before the semifinal match started. These were the women's doubles seminfinal teams which played after the singles. One was on center court, Anna-Lena Groenefeld hitting against her doubles partner Meg Shaughnessy. Meg's coach Raj was there supervising the hitting. I was in the front (empty at that time) row straight in front of the baseline. Since the two switched sides eventually, I could see the speed of the ball at the baseline for both hitters. Impressive, but not awe-inspiring like the men's game. I have seen Andy Roddick and Agassi hit in an exo, and then you would say - it can't be possible. But what I saw yesterday looked very possible, and the major difference I noticed was how consistent they were, specially on the two-handed backhand. Serve and shot speed and spin were not all that impressive.

The other practise session was the second doubles team - Lisa Raymond and Sam Stosur. Even got a thank you from Lisa after I tossed her a stray ball. The pace was quite different from the other team - slower and Lisa was slicing the ball on the backhand. She also practised some low dipping forehand topspin passing shots as Sam came to the net, and those were too good. Sam Stosur looks much smaller in person than on TV, and this was confirmed by another guy watching, so I wasn't the only one to think that. I didn't stay for the doubles match, but I saw today that they lost.

The Clisters-Vaidisova match was packed, and except for a moron who always shouted "Sharapova" for Vaidisova, and even got a few laughs till people got bored, was an OK experience.


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Yeah, I am always surprised myself at how few people at these tourneys know who is who in tennis. Like, they just decided to see some tennis and Agassi is the only name they know. My girl Kuz walks around and NOONE ever pays any attention, and she won a US open, so Vaidisova's incognito effect is even less surprising.


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LowProfile said:
Ignore him. It sounds very interesting. Did you get any autographs?
No. I am not into autographs.

Re: the other post, I can say that most people there did not know Vaidisova, Raymond, Stosur or Shaughnessy. Clisters and Sharapova was who people knew. As I was waiting for the shuttle bus, one guy put it best - "Tennis is not really my thing. Football is my thing."

Did the serve speed test. Just like last year, could not crack 79 mph. Very embarrassing. An older woman before me consistently hit in the 90s with a maximum of 96. I really have to work on the racquet head acceleraton.

Yonex had a booth and showing the RDS 11 or whatever and telling people Hingis is using it.

Oh, in the pro shop someone was paying for 10 newly strung racquets for Vaidisova (this was an hour before the match started).