Nick Krygios will win US Open 2022 - I beleive!


He totally can, however if he's playing Nadal in the final I gotta go with Rafa. If Rafa's playing well enough to get past Alcaraz, he'll be a hell of a tough opponent in a GS final


He's so losing to Berrettini if he even makes the Semis.

Medvedev style of game is simply a happy birthday gift for Kyrgios, it's literally perfect for him since Daniil doesn't have any attacking weapons to hurt him at all.

Not the case with Berrettini or even Khachanov.


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Kyrgios may win, but i doubt his physical shape let him show top level for a whole tournament.


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Ash Barty is equally profligate albeit intentionally so.

And Kyrgios probably needs to lose his next doubles round if he wants to be single's champion.

If only he hadn't wasted the last 5+ years being a clown and acting a fool, he would probably already have multiple slams.