Nick Kyrgios is tipped to play in French Open come May 22

Aussie Darcy

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He's ranked 26 in the world without even playing this year? And his Wimbledon finalist points weren't even counted so that's not the reason. Geez.

big ted

i love watching him play but hes a major dissapointment for me..
all he does is play exhibitions and take time off for injuries..
at least theres rune now to follow


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Nick is scheduled to play a exho against Holger on May 24 in Copenhagen:

Royal Arena
Hannemanns Allé 18-20, København, Denmark



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I feel sorry for Kyrgios's mom but the guy has never been a professional model.


I hope he does play, and wins some matches. It's fun entertainment. Especially if he somehow got to Titsi. That would be must see TV.