Nike aerobill vs feather light?


Hello guys, I am in need of you help again. The 2017 spring Nike line has brought the aerobill to Rafa's and Fed's hats. I have a lot of the older featherlight tennis hats, but I am not sure if I should buy the new ones. The featherlight has only one layer of polyester, and it is very breathable. But, the aerobill hats contain two layers, combining polyester with cotton. I'm not a fan of cotton, because of its breathability. Can you guys weigh in on this? Personal experiences? Thanks again.
Umm... I have an older Rafa hat with feather light and a newer one with aerobill and I would hands down take the aerobill much sturdier and when on head feels more secure absorbent and the bill doesn't get as funky with wind

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Prefer poly hat since I will sweat a lot.
Aerobill might be better when I casually wear but aerobill nadal hats do not look good for me...

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the old featherlights ar great and fitting the head perfect. the hats (since 2016?) are unwearable to me.... really bad!!!
?..I'm not a fan of cotton, because of its breathability.
I like cotton's "breathability".
You must prefer the reduced breathability of polyester?

As young prodigy mentioned, the aerobill is great, even when sweating a lot. A step up from the old plasticy cardboard bill.

Looking at your username....
Babolat makes a good poly microfiber cap, too. Light, simple, clean graphics. Performs like a Lacoste or a Diadora.

I have a feeling they are all made in the same place on the same machines by the same hands from the same plastic.

A heavy-sweating cycling friend turned me onto HeadSweats caps. Quality. My wife runs a lot, and likes their visors.