Nike Air Vapor IV TD shoes


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Has anybody worn these Nike Air Vapor IV TD shoes? They look like the Air Vapor IV but I tried them out in the store and they don't feel like the Air Vapor IV at all. The inside arc padding seems to bulge out a bit more than the regular Vapor IV. They're a bit cheaper than the regular Vapor IV.

I wonder what the TD stands for...


I have two pairs, been playing on red clay for 5 months with the first pair and they are still as good as new, but I´ve never tried the normal vapor IV.


Not sure what the TD stands for exactly the the Vapor IV TD is basically a similar styled lower priced version of the Vapor IV. Its similar to the Tirand from Adidas. They look like the Barricade IV's but don't have the same performance features. Doesn't mean they are garbage though.


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TD stands for "take down" like a lesser quality vapor IV. Just like what gamer said about what the Tirand is to the Barricade


Also, I would advise anyone looking for these shoes on the big auction site to be aware of what you are bidding on; I saw an auction for some Vapor IV's and the picture clearly showed the "TD" version. Nowhere in the discription was there any mention of the shoes being "TD"s.


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KFwinds made a very good point. I wish Nike has named it something very different, like Adidas named theirs Tirand instead of Barricade IV TD or something like that. It's misleading to just add a TD at the end and expect people to easily know the difference. And it leads to opportunities for misleading ads on the big auction site like KFwinds mentioned.


TD or not TD

are there any style ques to distinguish them? I've been looking at getting a few extra pair from the auction site but have never seen the TD and don't know how to tell the difference.


NEVER MIND: found a TD photo and its obvious
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