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hey guys,

In smash magazine ( tennis mag for Teens) i saw this little section on these new nike nike shoes called Air zoom revive. The cool thing behind this shoe is that that the shoe cames with replaceable out sole ( hense the name revive). Sos when ever you wear out the out sole you can replace just like thst

they are sposed to be realesed sometime in may

can't wait :eek:


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I also a pic in a local tennis magazine here in Atlanta. The only problem is I haven't been able to find any info on them on the web. sucks when it somes to getting info on tennis gear.


Maybe I'm not understanding correctly, but is the midsole replaced? If it isn't, then the cushioning just gets shot after several months; adding fresh rubber to the bottom of a beat-up shoe would do no good.


well the good thing about nike's is that the air cushioning systems do no break down like normal synthetics. I like the sound of this shoe, but I dunno if I would ever buy them. I'll stick with my BF3s.

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the two ways of gettig pics are to.....

1 get smash magazine

2. search nike air zoom revive on google. then go to the serena q & a scroll down and its right there


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like them or not you have to credit nike on this idea. Not only is it cool if the tread wears out but if you play on different surfaces you can change it so you have the appropriate traction. Awesome....just awesome
they look pretty nice but how do the new soles attach? if it is flimsy i would be scared to play in them, the soles coild fall of at any time!



Yeah, i agree. A detachable outsole sounds like it will = Poor Stability. 120 is pretty expensive. It comes with 2 outsoles so i guess its a decent deal. Though BF line comes with the 6 month gaurentee. Ill see what people say when it comes out.

btw, does anyone think the nike swoosh symbol is a little big? To me its hugggge.


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They said it would take quite a bit of strength to get the outsole attached, so it sounds pretty stable to me. They kinda resemble the orignal Breathe Free minus the webbing, well the upper part does.
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