Nike Air Zoom Zero official release


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Can’t wait for mine to get here! Tried on a half size bigger at my local place, and they feel like they’ll be great.
Posters on the other thread seem to be suggesting Vapor 9.5 sizing, rather than Vapor X, so looks like the jury is out on sizing up.


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I don’t like big written words “nikecourt” on the side of the shoes.

I thought the same initially, but after wearing them, the bold writing is one of the few highlights of the shoe graphically, imo. The black canvas-looking material really makes the shoe anonymous up close.


We have not heard of Nike leaving the tennis business. It just seems to be a trend that brands are slowly leaning away from the outsole warranty guarantee. We believe the Zoom Zeros are supposed to launch around the same time in Europe (give or take a couple days). The shoes weigh 13.8 ounces for a size 10.5.

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Brittany, will there be a claycourt version in the future?


I really want to try/test a pair of these. If TW needs some input from a large footed guy (M14) I'm open to it and writing a full review! ;)


Is nike getting out of tennis business? They seem like they stopped trying. At the same time, I just found out that the adidas Uber Sonic 3 has a PU midsole. That's comfort right there.
I have a friend at Nike and he mentioned Nike has been losing money in its tennis business.


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Definitely going to try this shoe but have to wait til I run out of my Yonex Eclipsion 1 and Asic court FF pair I have. I am really hoping cushioning would be better than the Yonex Power cushion techknowlege ...... I am not sure anything can really top the Egg being dropped from 3 story building and bouncing back up 5 stories without breaking......?


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Remedied this by ordering from tennis warehouse with overnight shipping. Should be here by Wednesday
I ordered mine on Friday, but for some reason, it didn't ship until today from TW. Just got email confirmation from the manufacturer that they're shipping my shoes! They comped me overnight shipping, so I'll get them sooner. I get to test them out tomorrow night!!!