Nike Air Zoom Zero (summer 18 release)


I wonder why they have such a delayed releaae on these shoes. To much of the casual tennis world, tennis season over at the completion of the us open. I would guess that fall is a slower selling season for Nike than the spring and summer.

They should have put these on the market already.


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Played 2 hours in these bad boys today. My goodness they are a performance BEAST!

Most of you will be extremely happy with this shoe.
Can’t wait. How do they fit? Just hoping for a nice medium shoe. Not too tight, but too narrow. Fingers crossed.


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Are these popping up on any websites yet? Seems like euro retailers usually have these up a few weeks before the launch... I couldn't find anything from my google search, though.


Someone can confirm that for sale there will also be black and white like model of Tiafoe?


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I love the bball aesthetic and colors. I can get these for 130 on July 19th apparently? When do they go on sale?


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Search the hashtag zoomzero on IG and you can see some pics.
Nice! Thanks for the tip. I was searching that a few days ago and couldn't find anything. I like the little pop of color. I'll be interested to see how they perform with that outsole.

Kjell Beast

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I’m on vacation now, and I’ll be back Saturday so I can’t answer any questions on the feel of the shoe. But can answer things like when it comes out, colors, all design details… and more


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Anybody got questions? I’ve got a pair.

What's the upper like? I'm fully settled in on the Cage 3s because of the upper design and ventilation but one issue I had with the Ballistecs is that there was not enough ventilation. The upper on the Zoom Zero seems to be a re-hashing of the Ballistecs. Am I wrong or is there a significant change in the breatability of the upper?

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here Are some details

Zoom Air all the way for dynamic anti-vibration protection.
One-piece top for cool, perfect fit.
Built-in cushion for smooth transitions from heel to fingers.
Lined construction to the middle for comfortable feel and perfect fit.
The back has a textured texture for easy fit.
Straps to wrap project at middle and side panels incorporated into pieces of fixed, personalized fit.
This shoe is the first in the history of NikeCourt with Zoom Air all the way.
The special design at the front of the Zoom Air brings it closer to the ground, ensuring a better response.
The rear of the Zoom Air has a special lining for improved heel response.
The outer sole is hollow in the middle, reducing weight and revealing the Zoom Air unit.


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New pics of the Air Zoom Zero HC are up within Nike's app. And Nike-confirmed (previously just TW confirmed) launch date of July 19.

"...responsive cushioning from heel to forefoot - the ideal match for hard-court play."