Nike Cage 3 HardCourt Premium Black w/ Gum Sole


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I saw these when they first came out and really liked the combination. $140 and no mention in the description that they have the 6 month warranty. I destroy shoes and have been a very happy nike loyalist because they had me hooked.. i have a wider foot so the cage, cage 2... and to my surprise the cage 3 all have been great for me. i never had a pair that lasted more than 3 months and it was great to know that after boxing and mailing that in a few weeks i'd have a voucher to spend on freedom on what and when...the only thing was the where, on the website.

Does anyone know if this particular shoe has the warranty? Or are they simply more money without the warranty?

I recently sent back my last pair of cage 2's and my voucher came back for exactly what i paid for them. This was the first time in 7 years it wasn't full retail price. I called and after a few individuals they said they couldn't issue a new voucher. They did agree to give new a new pair of cage 3's since the cage 2 is defunct. Fortunately the 3 does fit me.. i currently have the red one and like them a lot. I said i'd like the premiums... they agreed. To answer my own came with a warranty card.. so maybe it does?
i won't play tennis in these.. i have plenty of unworn 2's in the closet. just wondering if the gum sole would be up for the task.. also find it odd that the cage 3 has no xdr labeling like it did in the past.

Does anyone know if nike has changed its policy on the vouchers? I will answer that question myself since those red cage 3's have another month or so til they are dead.

i also got a new nadal hat this last time.. can't believe the quality of the heritage86 compared to my nadal featherlight.. heritage is built like my federer legacy91's.. full stitching and quality construction. The vinyl bull fell off my featherlight early on... i prefer the feathers for playing.. and the others for daily